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This gemstone namely Kunzite is a variety of crystalline spodumene i.e. a silicate of aluminum and lithium, generally of a lilac-pink hue, though yellow and green varieties are also common. If exposed to the sun, kunzite first loses its colour, then turns green and in time resumes its original hue. Small specimens tend to be colourless more than the bigger one. It must be cut in a special way and only in facets. It may be confused with morganite and pink tourmaline i.e. rubellite.

Kunzite, gemstone
Kunzite is a pink stone discovered early in the 20th century by a Tiffany`s gemologist, Dr. Kunz. It typically comes from the Afghanistan-Pakistan mountain region, and is treated by both heat and radiation. Some people call it as the evening stone, because the color fades when exposed to sunlight. Though, it would take many years of daily exposure to the sun to notice any kind of fade. It is believed that the color will remain for the natural life of the piece of jewelry when worn with care. From time immemorial pink has come to symbolize love, romance and marriage and so does the Pink Kunzite gemstone, which embodies eternal love. This stone is evolved from the mineral Spodumene, the Kunzite gem stone has been associated with various healing properties. Pink Kunzite gem stone, is believed to bestow its wearer with tremendous love and positive energy. At Rio Gems, the loose kunzite gemstone is available in an array of cuts from the classic oval to the modern cushion cut.

A kunzite gemstone is its vibrant best in larger sizes of minimum 8 carats. A pink Kunzite ring is ideally worn to keep the mind calm and attract good luck. A kunzite loose gemstone, with its gleaming violet tinge, is mostly symbolic of peace and harmony and is believed to heal broken hearts. The kunzite gemstone can be cut in a single blow like the diamond. This is very delicate, making it a fashion favorite for indoor events. These dainty gemstones are always in vogue, just like the color pink.

Darker colors of this stone are produced by cutting them at certain angles but Kunzite being susceptible to chips makes the cutting proposition rather difficult. Therefore, the deeper the shade, the more expensive it gets. A negative point of this stone is that it loses its color when placed under harsh light. So it should not be exposed to sunlight for a length of time.

Kunzite Pendant
While buying this Gemstone one should pay attention to the color first and then go for the clarity. The lilac or purple Kunzites score over the pink ones. Kunzite shows properties of pleochroism, as 2 or more colors are seen from the various angles of the stone. This is used mainly in pendants and usually not used for necklaces and rings. It is also employed to make chunky decorative pieces as big stones can be afforded easily. It is believed to have certain medicinal properties like inducing mental calm, reducing mental exertion and anxiety. This gemstone with its beautiful color, crystalline appearance and restorative qualities is sure to tug the hearts of a million people.

Its hardness is fairly good, and this is mentioned in between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. To the chagrin of the cutters, however, this gem has perfect cleavage and is thus extremely difficult to cut. It has been said that once it is given its final shape, it becomes uncomplicated. But it is very difficult to re-cut. Cut kunzite surprises even experts again and again with its brilliance. The silvery gloss on its facets forms a beautiful contrast to the fine violet-pink of the gemstone. In the trade, kunzite is available in many beautiful cuts. It is one of the gems which are available in relatively large sizes at affordable prices. The more intense the color, the more valuable the kunzite is. The question of whether the color should tend more or less strongly towards violet will depend on the personal preference and skin type.

This gemstone with its fine, delicate pink is not only an ideal precious stone for lovers, it is also popular as a healing stone. Kunzite is said to enhance a person`s capacity for devotion and understanding and to bestow inner peace and enjoyment on its wearer. It is said to activate the mind and liberate the wearer from worry and anxiety, it is an excellent gemstone for those suffering from strain or exam nerves. Whether or not one actually believes in these positive effects, one thing is certain that its fine pink with a hint of violet radiates a serene composure and keeps moods of depression and anxiety at bay right from the outset.


Peridot is a French word derived from the Arabic faridat, which means gem. The stone ranges in color from light yellow-green to the intense bright green of new grass to olive. Peridot splits and bends the rays of light passing through it. Because of this reason it has a velvety, `sleepy` appearance i.e. a shining rich glow. Chemically peridot is an iron-magnesium-silicate. The intensity of the color of the stone depends upon the amount of iron contained. The color comes in variation from yellow-green and olive to brownish green. The rare treasure varieties of Peridot can be mentioned as Peridot-Cat`s Eye and Star-Peridot. Peridot is a stone with a sparkling pale green color. But it also occurs in lime, yellowish green, olive green or medium dark green hues.

Peridot has been adored since ancient times and has been valued for centuries. People in the Middle Ages wore peridot to gain foresight and divine inspiration. Legend has it that pirates favored peridot to protect them against evil. Peridot was greatly prized by Egyptian Kings. Some of Cleopatra`s emeralds were in fact peridots.

According to astrologers, the wearer of peridot will enjoy happiness in marriage, the power of eloquence in speech and enduring freedom from insecurity-both emotional and physical. Ancient Egyptians called peridot `the gem of the sun,` although they believed its seekers might not find it in sunlight. Because of their brightness in the desert sun, the stones were supposedly invisible by daylight. In darkness, however, they were alleged to give off a light of their own by night, miners were said to mark their locations accordingly and return to recover their treasures by day. Peridot was believed to have the power to dissolve enchantments. To exert its full potential, the stone was to be set in gold. Then it would drive away night`s terrors. If it was to be used to protect the wearer from evil spirits, it had to be pierced, strung on the hair of a donkey, and worn on the left arm. As a medical remedy, it was powdered to cure asthma. Holding a peridot under the tongue was supposed to lessen the thirst of a person suffering from fever. Peridot along with sardonyx is birthstones of Leo i.e. Lion. The time starts from July 23 to Aug 22. This is the anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage. Slightly golden shimmering green variety of it is ideal gemstone color to complement a light summertime outfit. It is formed of olivine, silicate found in igneous rocks, and a very good constituent of Earth`s upper mantle. As a matter of fact Peridot is called by three names, Peridot, Chrysolith and Olivin. Peridot is derived from Greek word `Peridona,` which mean `giving plenty.` The word `Chrysolith` means `goldstone` in Greek. It is one of the few stone that exist only in one color.

Healing properties of Peridot

This beautiful stone is worn or carried for general healing purposes. Peridot increases strength & physical vitality. Peridot protects against nervousness and aids in healing hurt feelings. It helps liver & adrenal function. Peridot is also thought to protect lungs, sinuses, and wrists from illness and injury. Peridot is used to help dreams become a reality. This very popular stone is believed to attract love. The deep green shade of the peridot also suggests a connection in wealth-attracting. Peridot calms a raging anger. It is also useful to dispel negative emotions, and it is believed to promote sleep when worn to bed.

Peridot helps to move past the hurt, and understand the relationships. It adds intelligence to the romantic situations, giving a bit of common sense in affairs of the heart, and protecting someone from unnecessary heartache. This is a visionary stone, it brings understanding of destiny and purpose. It usually releases negative vibrations, and promotes clarity and well being. A Peridot can be put in a cash box along with Citrine. Peridot will help to draw money to the person, and Citrine will help to keep it once one gets it. Peridot is the money stone. These stones are particular good in helping to deal with jealousy, a very dark destructive emotion. These were worn by the ancient Egyptian high priest to guard against jealousy of the Pharaoh`s power. Peridot is a `Sun` energy stone due to its yellow-green color. This trait makes Peridot a warm, friendly, and happy stone. This is a great stress or anxiety reliever. These are more powerful when set in yellow gold and more effective when pierced in a bead form. In ancient times, the Romans wore Peridot to relieve depression. This stone strengthens, and regenerates all organs, stimulating new and healthy growth. It usually acts as if one had just taken a Health Tonic. These promote sleep. The stones can be used to bring results to a search - seeking and of lost or mislaid items, but applies to the spiritual realm as well, as in feeling despair, spiritually lost , or emotionally isolated. It has also been used to facilitate the birth process, stimulating contractions and opening the birth canal. A piece can be slipped into the `birth room` to enhance the process.

Peridot Ring
Peridot is used in rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and accent stones. Its hardness is 6.5 - 7 in Moh`s scale. As with all gems, peridot should be protected from scratches and sharp blows. Drastic temperature changes should be avoided. Peridot should not be cleaned in a home ultrasonic cleaner. Peridot is a beautiful stone that wears well and looks beautiful with a lot of your wardrobe. Peridot is readily available in most sizes and a variety of shapes. Peridot should be priced about the same as a garnet or tourmaline. The buyer should be knowledgeable so that he or she can get the difference between the original and a very good imitation of peridot that is actually a type of synthetic peridot.


Zircon has been around in jewelry for hundreds of years. It is known for its high dispersion and for many years was used to imitate diamonds. The gemstone named Zircon actually looks like a diamond. It shines more than it, but retains the shine for a very short time, on astrological substitute for diamonds. It bestows social prestige and protection from enemies as well.

Zircon, GemstonesThe name probably comes from the Persian word `zargun` which means `gold-colored`. Zircon comes in a wide range of different colors. This stone is colorless when pure, the zirconium silicate takes on various shades due to impurities. The most popular zircon-color is blue. Most blue gemstones come in a pastel blue, but some exceptional gems also have a bright blue color. Zircon is also available in green, dark red, aquamarine,violet, yellow, brown, and orange where the blue and green variants are in much demand.

The brown varieties of Zircons are mostly found in South Asian nations. They are heat treated in order to produce colorless and blue zircons. In the gemstone trade some terms refer to different colored zircons. These can be mentioned as Hyacinth are basically yellow, yellow-red to red-brown zircon, the Jargons are mainly straw-yellow to almost colorless zircon while starlight are the rich, slightly greenish blue zircon variety. All of these are created by heating. The orange variety of zircon is called jacinth. Zircon is quite widely used in its three varieties. The first variety is called jacinth. It is sometimes spelled as hyacinth and was used to a great extent in classical antiquity. It occurs in the clear, transparent red, orange, and yellow colors. The blue variety is called starlite or Siam Zircon, while the third colorless variety is called Ceylon or Matura diamond.

Due to its high refractive index and strong dispersion, zircon has great brilliance and intensive fire. The luster is vitreous to a brilliant sheen. The hardness of Zircon varies from 6.5-7.5 on Mohs scale. But in spite of that zircon is brittle and therefore sensitive to knocks and pressure. The gem has the tendency to wear along facet edges. Its use in rings should therefore be limited to protective settings or occasional wear jewelry. Hot water should be avoided; it should be protected from sudden temperature changes and household chemicals. Some gentle soap may be employed to clean it. A soft brush can be used to remove dirt from the crevices. Zircon jewelry should be stored carefully in a separate box.

Zircon along with turquoise is birthstones of Sagittarius. The month ranges from Nov 22 to Dec 21. Zircon looks best in daylight, more precisely just after sunrise and before sunset, when the light is considered to be soft and warm. In general zircon is transparent to translucent. Impurities cause the various color. Zircons with a cat`s eye effect are known but rare. Some crystals contain radioactive thorium and uranium. Over time, the radioactivity breaks down the crystal structure so that such stones, which are usually green, tend to an amorphous structure, with a lower refractive index and luster than the crystalline type. These slightly radioactive zircons are very rare in the trade, but highly prized by collectors and pose no heath threat to its wearer.

Zircon PendantThere are a number of ways in which Zircon is used. Some of them can be mentioned as people born in December can use it as a conventional birthstone, Zircon pendants and rings are very popular among the jewelry lovers, it can bring in success, financially and also in general and it is helpful for the insomniacs.

There is some mythological value related to this gemtone. Hindu poets wrote of the `Kalpa Tree`, the ultimate gift to the gods, which was a glowing tree covered with gemstone fruit with leaves of zircon. In the middle ages, zircon was said to aid sleep, bring prosperity, and promote honor and wisdom in its owner. In ancient time one believed that the cosmos reflects in the gemstones. The zircon is assigned to planet Pluto. The esoteric movement revived the ancient believe and the gem industry made it another marketing tool to promote certain gems.

Zircon relieves pain. It is said to quicken one`s appetite. Zircon also prevents nightmares and ensures a deep tranquil sleep. It is supposedly helps one be more at peace with oneself. Zircon is believed to provide the wearer with wisdom, honor and riches. The lost of luster on a Zircon stone is said to warn of danger. Jacinth helps rising one`s self-esteem as well.

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Most Expensive Jewelry 2009

People love to wear jewelry at any type of occasions and on many organs of the body including ears, neck, back, arm, fingers, ankles, belly, tongue and toes. Glittering and much sought after products are normally available in wide price range from dirt-cheap to most expensive. Most expensive jewelries are obviously made from real diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, white gold and other precious metals and stones. It is certain that most expensive jewelries are worn by celebrities, royal families and high profile personalities.

Besides being made from precious metals and stones, most expensive jewelries are often ornate and extremely detailed, which demand artistic workmanship. Most expensive jewelries are worth couples of million dollars. People who can afford most expensive jewelry buy it for special occasions such as engagements, weddings, marriage anniversaries and birthdays. World’ most expensive jewelries in 2009 are made by the top-most jewelry designers and luxury jewelry brands from Milan, New York and Paris. Recently, Victoria/ Secret was retailing world’ most expensive bra at over 5 million dollars. The bra incorporated thousands of real diamonds and rubies.

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009

Most Expensive Jewelry in 2009